The Track or Album of the Week, Number 13: Adam Beyer/No Defeat, No Retreat.

Der Track/das Album der Woche, Ausgabe 13; One Track or Album per Week, Number 13: Adam Beyer/No Defeat, No Retreat.

There are many people who generally reject everything that comes from Drumcode ( The reasons are manifold: not enough underground, 08/15 techno, unimaginative. I would tend to agree with that, but there are really good exceptions to the rule, including this mini-album by Adam Beyer.

2 really great tracks. No Defeat, No Retreat is an intelligently produced, interesting track. But the smash hit is Park People. A remake of an ancient track from Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Niños Del Parque. In retrospect, you could almost say that this track was close to being techno, even though at the time (1981) the genre hadn’t even been properly invented yet. At the time, I celebrated it with enthusiasm. Adam Beyer has respectfully edited it, sped it up quite a bit (from 115 ppm to 130 ppm) and added some interesting musical add ons.

Have fun listening to the track / the album of the week:

No Defeat, No Retreat:
Park People:

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tante techno’s tea time – dj set october 2021.

tante techno's tea time - dj set october 2021.

A ray of hope in Corona times. On the first of October, the dance floors reopened. What a glorious step towards normality. Now Tante Techno invites you to the monthly tea time again, with a more quiet set. Appropriate for the beginning of autumn. Have fun listening to it.


Homesickness – Carlos Almazan
Move Around (Beico & MT93 Remix) – Krafteck
Eons (Original Mix) – Steam Shape
Chocolate – Sam Paganini
Pyxis – The YellowHeads
Tribe – Alan Fitzpatrick
Astral Projection – Enrico Sangiuliano
Before the Storm – Horisone
Distortion Manufacture – Metodi Hristov
Into the Dark – The Saunderson Brothers
My Beat (Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy Remix) – Frankyeffe
Bicycle Wheel – Gary Beck
Ultimate Seduction – Rudosa
Ascension – Transcode
Resolution (Roberto Corso, Acki Remix) – Skober
Octaves – Jay Lumen & Roberto Capuano
Crisi Vagale – Mario Giordano
Suki – Dense & Pika

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One Track or Album per Week, Number 12: Sampler/Kill all the Hippies.

One Track or Album per Week, Number 12: Kill all the Hippies. Punk-Sampler.

I bought this CD in London in 2002. At that time I attended an English course for professors in Saffron Walden – a small village in the south of London near Cambridge. This course ran for a total of 4 weeks. The weeks themselves went by relatively quickly, but on the third weekend, on Saturday I went stir-crazy and just wanted to go home.

I sat in my room at my host family’s house in the morning and cultivated my frustration.Not feeling like having a frustration weekend, I decided to go to London, visit the British Museum, and then just walk around the city.

The museum visit was a special experience as usual and shortly after I ended up in a cheap CD store. And there I found, among others, this CD for £1. I discovered on it many favorites out of my punk phase. At that price I didn’t have to think long, I just bought it.

Back in Saffron Walden I grabbed the CD player of the host family, put in this CD and felt really young again. The frustration was gone, I looked forward to the last week with excitement and everything was good again. Have fun listening:

New York Dolls/Give Her Great Big Kiss:
The Damned/Neat Neat Neat:
The Adverts/Gary Gilmore’s Eyes:

Stay tuned

One Track or Album per Week, Number 11: Alan Fitzpatrick – Prometheus.

One Track or Album per Week, Number 11: Alan Fitzpatrick - Prometheus

Last Friday it was finally time again. The dance floors were opened again. At just before 3 in the night – as the crowning glory of the entire evening, in a way – I couldn’t resist playing my absolute favorite techno track, Prometheus by Alan Fitzpatrick. It crossed my path in 2013 or 2014 (I don’t remember that exactly) as one of the very first tracks from this genre. Before that, techno for me was Wsetbam, Dr. Motte or Marusha. Didn’t like all of them. And then Prometheus came and changed everything. Have fun listening:

Alan Fitzpatrick – Prometheus:

Stay tuned

house altar – dj set august 2021.

house altar@sorgenfrei dj set august 2021

Friday was again a sorgenfrei evening on the agenda. Again a lonely highlight in these dull Corona times. It was such a great evening and here are the first 1.5 hours. Enjoy listening.


Drop The Pressure (Extended Version) – Mylo, Claptone
The Game (Extended Mix) – Brokenears
I Will Pray – Alaia & Gallo & DJ Rae
It Is What It Is (feat. Elise LeGrow) [Club Mix] – Vintage Culture
Been a Long Time (Mark Knight Remix) – The Fog & Chus & Ceballos
Love Is the Cure (feat. Tobirus Mozelle) [Michael Gray Remix] – Homero Espinosa
Love Like This (feat. Hassib) – Ordonez
Drivin’ Da Phunk – Phuture Of Da Phunk
You & Me (Extended Mix) – KC Lights
Never Let It Go (Extended Mix) – Johan S & Reza
House Feelings – Anfunk
Get Busy (Rubber People Remix) – ATFC
The Oooh Song – Kevin McKay
Happie – Crazibiza
Pump It Up (Jax Jones Midnight Snacks Extended Remix) – Endor
Let It Go (Club Mix) – Deep City Groove
No Rules (Max Chapman Remix) – De La Swing
Can You Party? – Royal House

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One Track or Album per Week, Number 9: David Keno – Canares.

One Track or Album per Week, Number 9: David Keno - Canares

Sunday evening, not much time and furthermore there is no story about the track. It’s just good stuff. Calm, ideal for the end of the week. The photo is misleading, but the track is the highlight of this sampler. Have fun listening:

David Keno – Canares:

Stay tuned

tante techno’s tea time – dj set august 2021.

tante techno's tea time - dj set august 2021.

There was cake and techno for tea. Nobody danced, because there was no one – thanks to Corona!. Stay at home, become lonely, and don’t catch a depression. Music is the best medicine against a depression. Have fun listening.


Sirius – Metodi Hristov
Aviator – O.C & Verde
Need to Know – Melody’s Enemy
Bigger Than Prince (Siege Remix) – Green Velvet
Dark Rooms – Jay Lumen
We Want It – Reform (IT)
Rollin’ – The Reactivitz
Mad Max – Maae
Danzer – Darius Syrossian
Under the Lights – Raffaele Rizzi
Strange (Original Mix) – Konrad (Italy)
Wren – Gary Beck
Ego – Alan Fitzpatrick
Another Club – Radio Slave
Ego Death – Nuwa
Tribunal – Joyhauser
Black Hole – Frank Arvonio
Sugar Coated Beak – Jon Gurd

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One Track or Album per Week, Number 9: Deine Lakaien – Acoustic.

One Track or Album per Week: Deine Lakaien - Acoustic

Today we dive a little deeper into my music history. Not as deep as with “The Cure”, but a few years later. We are in the 90s, in the middle of the Darkwave, Electro Wave, New Wave and Post-Punk era. I have no idea how I stumbled across the formation Deine Lakaien, but from the beginning I liked the combination of the dark, yearning sound, the focus on electronic instruments and the singer’s sonorous voice.

This week’s album of the week is a live album, recorded in 1995. What I like most about this album is that, for once, there are only vocals and piano. Not electronic, only analog. For me personally very exciting interpretations of the classics released up to that time. While researching on the Internet I found out that I am the proud owner of a limited edition. Quite a long time ago. Have fun listening:

Love Me to the End:
Wasted Years:

Stay tuned

One Track or Album per Week, Number 8: Zimmz – Sinematic.

One Track or Album per Week, Number 8: Zimmz - Sinematic.

Last year, during one of my expeditions into the depths of Beatport, I once again stumbled across a new artist, Zimmz. this was one of the few matches that day.

The music stands out – in contrast to the usual suspects in the Beatport top 100 – not with the ACIDish croaking that is common at the moment, but with an interesting, cinematic sound. The first time I played this track was on 3/13/2020. It will always stay in my memory, because this was the last (legal) gig with a full dance floor and some guests asked me what kind of track this was. Obviously it went down well with the audience. A long time ago. Have fun listening to it:

Zimmz – Sinematic:

Stay tuned

tante techno’s tea time – dj set july 2021.

DJ Set: tante techno's tea time July 2021

She came, saw and played. Who? Tante Techno, of course. Her set was so powerful, so impressive and enraged Thor. A storm came up, the first lightnings twitched and then it rained cats and dogs. The world was floating away, the end was near. The people begged for mercy. Then Tante Techno swung up and showed Thor who really holds the hammer in his hand. In the end, all was well again.

Nice story, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the short version is not so spectacular: I recorded the set in the sorgenfrei during a thunderstorm. But the story is funnier. Have fun listening to it.


Never Back – Frankyeffe
Immersion – Charles Fenckler
La Noche (Mario Ochoa Remix) – Coca & Villa
Sun Flares – Mind Conspiracy
Lost Galaxy – Hollen
Shibuya – Skiver
The Dregs of Society – Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone
Till Dawn – Roberto Capuano
Siam – Hidden Empire
Awake – Joseph Capriati
Night Rider – DirrtyDishes & Laika & Strelka
Mistery (Original Mix) – The Rares
To the Moon – Dhar V
Rain – O.C & Verde
Sinematic – Zimmz

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