One Track or Album per Week, Number 1: Frank Zappa, Joes Garage.

Frank Zappa Joe‘s Garage

Some time ago I participated in a challenge, 30 LP’s in 30 days. This was quite a demanding task, but it was a lot of fun. Fortunately in my music collection you will find other CDs and many downloads which are crying for an appreciation. I’m going to take it easy now and present one of my favorite tracks or albums every week. Let’s start with one of my highlights.

Highlight of the week: Frank Zappa, Joe’s Garage.

I bought this album when I was 17, primarily because Zappa was the bourgeois terror par excellence in America at that time, because he had “interesting” lyrics and his music covered a very wide range, from chaotic and weird to catchy melodic.

When I decided to just march in the direction of punk, I sold the album. This annoyed me so much after a few years, therefore I had to buy it again as a double CD. For me Joe’s garage is the best album Zappa has produced and the perfect background music for long car rides.

Here are a few tracks:

Joe’s Garage:
Catholic Girls:

Stay tuned