tante techno’s tea time – dj set may 2021 edition.

Tante Techno's Tea Time, May 2021 DJ Set

At the beginning was the collapse. Then we ascended to Valhalla. Only to rush forward with a leopard, straight into the fabulous night at the club. Enough poetry, have fun with Tante Techno’s Tea Time.


Collapsing New People-Collapsing WestBam Remix Extended – Fad Gadget
Stratosphere (Ronnie Spiteri Remix) – Christian Smith
Section 2 (Alan Fitzpatrick Edit) [feat. Drax] – Mark Broom & Thomas P. Heckmann
Golden – Mark Reeve
Valhalla (Original Mix) – Danny Fontana & Don Weber
Sulphate (ReDub Mix) – Dkult & Twist3d
Indigo Girl – Harvey McKay
Crimson – Thomas Schumacher
Knockout – Bloody Mary
Snow Leopard (Gary Burrows Remix) – Sebastian Groth
Transit System – Markus Weigelt
Edging Forward – Dense & Pika
Dish – Hanubis
Thirteen – Rebekah
Plastik – Ramon Tapia
Raki (Andre Crom Remix) – DJ 3000
One Night In That Club (Effenem Remix) – Alessandro Spaiani
Iyewaye – Oliver Koletzki

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house altar – dj set may 2021 edition.

house altar - dj set may 2021 edition.

Burn that track! At least that’s what Luca Debonaire says.

Hey, the dance floor will burn again, when the clubs are allowed to open again. And then we will play house until the early morning, we will groove until we drop and – if we still have the strength – we will boogie all night long.

Have fun with my house set, the may edition.


Coconut Love – Tiam Wills & Jugement Dernier
Get Down – Angelo Ferreri & Angelo Scalici
Wanna Be Happy (Thomas Gold Mix) [feat. Max’C] – The Viron Ltd.
Give It Up (2011 Edit) – The Good Men
Close To My Lips – Franko Ferreri
Discoteca (Original Mix) – Block & Crown, Luca Debonaire
Hey Hey (Riva Starr Paradise Garage Club Mix) – Dennis Ferrer
Burn That Track (Original Mix) – Luca Debonaire
Rockin (DJ Delicious Presents Phunk-A-Delic) – DJ Delicious & Phunk-A-Delic
Got Raw (Club Mix) – My Digital Enemy
Deep in the Groove (Club Mix) – Block & Crown
House Music – Kid Massive
Long Train (Andrey Zenkoff Remix) – Jo Manji
Aerobic Martini – Charles Feelgood
Relentless Boogie – Pitch Deck
Don’t You Feel It – Full Intention
Get Up – Menini & Viani
I Feel It (Original Mix) – Chiqito

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tante techno’s tea time – dj set april 2021 edition.

Tante Techno's Tea Time, April 2020 DJ Set

The end is a beginning. From tranquility grows love and energy. The rhythm guides you through the set. Enough poetry, have fun with Tante Techno’s Tea Time.


The Trail (Original Mix) – Beico & Mt93
The Depth Below – Rudosa
Meeting of Minds – Jel Ford
K186 (Original Mix) – dubspeeka
Love Song (Will Clarke Remix) – Duke Dumont
Climax – Marco Faraone
Blooming Era – Enrico Sangiuliano
The Border – Ian O’Donovan
Unspoken – Layton Giordani
Broken Soul (Original Mix) – Beico, MT93
Resistance – Alessandro Grops
Dutch Kiss (Straight Mix) – Enrico Sangiuliano
Good Violence – Layton Giordani
Origins – Mars Bill
Apache – Dense & Pika
Open Your Mind – Zimmz
Februar 50 – BAUGRUPPE90
Vernication Seven – Shokh

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my uncle’s house altar – dj set april 2021 edition.

house altar april 2021 dj set

House Music isn’t black or white. It just is. It feels good & it feels right. Frankie Knuckles
Frankie, you’re right. And that’s why we celebrate the middle of the week. With a new house dj set.


Brothers & Sisters (KPD Remix) – David Penn & KPD
Hey, Whatcha Say – Tommy.O
Disco Trumpet – FDF
Tonight – Jay Vegas
Music Is My Life – Jarred Gallo
Givin My Love – Mark Funk & Danny Cruz
Funky People (Superlover Vocal Mix) – Superlover & Simion
I Don’t Wanna (Dub Mix) – Hack Jack
If You Touch Me – Diego Forsinetti
Come To The Party (feat. Laurence B) – Mark Fill
So Serious (Original Mix) – Illyus & Barrientos
You Are the One (Extended Mix) – Ferreck Dawn
What U Want (feat. J Paul Getto) [2017 Refix] – Kevin McKay
That’s the Way (Angelo Ferreri Remix) – AlexZ
Keep On Rockin It – Luca Debonaire
Please Don’t Go – Saison
Up to You – Babert
Jack – Mirko & Meex

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tante techno’s tea time – dj set march 2021 edition.

Tante Techno's Tea Time, February 2020 DJ Set

The cabin-fever-virus has taken hold of me. It leads to weariness and apathy. My doctor advised me to make music and produce a DJ set. I did it, and everything is now o.k. again. Have fun with my March set, just in time for the end of the month.


Circus Bells (Ryan Gatesman 2009 Remix) – Robert Armani
Radiance – Dok & Martin
Music Controls You – Mella Dee
Android – Dok & Martin
Trippin’ (Dario Sorano Remix) – Pappenheimer
Frozen Room – Charles Fenckler
System – roman weber
Madness – Nicolas Taboada
Pump Up the Swag (AnGy KoRe Remix) – Toni Alvarez & Miguel Do Reis
Bassface – A*S*Y*S
Let It Go (T78 Remix) – Emanuele Millozzi & Luke Di Lullo
Deeper (Filterheadz Remix) – Salo & Bandung
Upside Down – Nicolas Taboada
Form Reality (Under Black Helmet Remix) – dotwav
King – Mark Broom
The Andor Voyage (Ramon Tapia Remix) – Metro Dade
Motorcity – Mars Bill
Escapia – DJ 3000

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my uncle’s house altar – dj set march 2021 edition.

DJ Set March 2021 März 2021

A little bit more than one year ago I had my last gig. Many people celebrated with me the the last party before the lockdown. We had much fun and we thought “in a few weeks everything will be o.k. again”. week after week and month after month went by and now more than one year ago everything was o.k. Corona sucks! How many clubs will be open again? When will the clubs open again? So many questions and no answer. And many politicians make much money with dubios contracts. That sucks more than Corona! Nevertheless, don’t panic, it’s just a pandemic. Let’s celebrate the breakdown of the club culture.


Revelation (Club Mix) – Mike Vale & Simon Doty
Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Remix Edit) – Reboot
Just Wanna Feel You – Block & Crown & Tom Boye
Francisco – Mark Funk
Get Get Down – Kevin McKay & Matt Fontaine
You & Me (Extended Mix) – KC Lights
Dollar$ (Andrey Zenkoff) – Made In America
Wrong (Club Mix) – My Digital Enemy
Groove Amigos – Original Club Mix – ATFC
Bounce (Original Mix) – Block & Crown, Damon Grey
All Out (Club Mix) – Simon Doty & MC Flipside
Kalaka (Dave Rose Remix) – Chris Gekä & Tecca
Discofunk – House Legion
I Don’t Wanna (Dub Mix) – Hack Jack
Touch Me – Luke Robbins
Extra Trippy – Danny Howard
Somewhere Special (feat. Cat Connors) [Club Mix] – OFFAIAH
Sanity – Mark Funk

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tante techno’s tea time – dj set february 2020 edition.

Tante Techno's Tea Time, February 2020 DJ Set

End of winter. Hello Spring. Dreaming of the dancefloor. Dreaming of playing in the clubs again.


Ego – Alan Fitzpatrick
Clamp Champ – T78
Hybrid – Raffaele Rizzi
Sinematic – Zimmz
Kona – Alan Fitzpatrick & CamelPhat
Fade Into You – Spektre
The Seventh Sense (Roberto Capuano Remix) – Audiomatiques
Rain – O.C & Verde
Out of Control – Channel X
Solar – Audiomatiques & Mars Bill
Lost Beyond Streets and Canals – Dave Sinner
The Dregs of Society – Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone
La Noche (Mario Ochoa Remix) – Coca & Villa
Too Deep (To Bear) – Tiger Stripes
Remember – Harvey McKay
Lost Time – Aran Burn & Rian Wood
Betelgeuse! (Stefano Pelle & Sall Remix) – Rich Venom
Star Allies – Spencer Brown & Raito

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my uncle’s house altar – dj set february 2020 edition.

my uncle's house altar - dj set february 2020 edition.

Throw away the Corona masks, hang up the disco ball and turn up the stereo system to full volume. It’s party time!

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30 records in 30 days from 2 collections from one household, day 30: The Mixdown, Part 1.

A Challenge: 30 Platten in 30 Tagen / 30 records in 30 days The Mixdown, Part 1

30 records in 30 days goes into the 30th round: house music all night long.

This is the end of the 30 days and at the same time a beginning. This record was the spark that set me off in a very specific direction: House in all its different forms. I first noticed this not only during this challenge, but already a few weeks ago, when I discovered a very good remake of the best track on this double album: Let me love you for tonight. Originally by Kariya, remixed by Weiss. That’s it, I’ll nominate myself for the next challenge. Hahaha.

Kariya, Let me love for tonight: https://youtu.be/dnvf0mwiioY
Re-Mixed by Weiss: https://youtu.be/ze2CAzh4Ppc

Stay tuned

30 records in 30 days from 2 collections from one household, day 28: Acid House Fever.

A Challenge: 30 Platten in 30 Tagen / 30 records in 30 days Acid House Fever

30 records in 30 days goes into the 29th round: the leap behind the glass pane.

Compared to what I’m listening to and playing now, this is no longer a musical hook. No, dear friends of electronic music, this double album was the igniting spark for my DJ career. Sounds a bit strange, but this was exactly the sound I was always waiting for. At least until the end of the eighties. And at my very first gig, obviously, I played most of the album up and down. In the absence of an extensive record collection, even several times per evening. Completely unplanned, I even filled the dance floor and in the end everyone was happy. I will never forget that evening.

Tolga Flim Flam Balkan, shall we do it again: https://youtu.be/JKYfATxVZFo

Stay tuned