Music Stories, a new section in my blog

my music, my stories, my music milestones – a journey through several decades of enthusiasm for music

A few weeks ago – triggered by a Facebook group – I decided to start a little ramble through almost five decades of my own music history. First and foremost I want to write about songs that have inspired me. Sometimes there’s a story behind them.

As the years go by, one or the other detail might disappear, but the really important milestones usually will be remembered vivid and colorful.

When I think back, my love for electronic music is one of the few constants in my own musical universe over the decades.It began at the age of 13 or 14 – I don’t remember exactly – with a music film and does not end with the release of my first EP in 2019. No, the story continues…

And that’s the end for today. I would be happy if you would like to accompany me on my foray. By the way, what does this foray have to do with our dogin the picture? I’m almost as relaxed as she is.

Stay tuned.