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Dear friends and followers,

after weeks of restructuring, planning, trying out and testing I now finally separate my two blogs thematically. On you will find in the future mainly my business topics: Marketing 4.0, Personal Branding and maybe one or the other story about the THD. On on the other hand, my artistic self may express itself, the main topics are music, art and a few stories around the two topics just mentioned.

In the course of this rebuilding I also separated some social media accounts thematically, on Facebook I revived my old, for years closed down fan page and reserved a new fan page for my artistic me. Also on Instagram there will be 2 accounts in the future. Furthermore I discovered completely new platforms, like Medium, Torial, Bloglovin and Reddit. It only causes effort in setting up and at the end of the summer my blogs might be a bit more known, I have produced audio-visual internet pollution again and have a few more karma points.

With all this tinkering I am pursuing another goal. In the winter term I will offer for the first time a thematic extension of my VHB course “Djing, Skill Management and the Secrets of Personal Branding”. With this offer I would like to kill 2 different birds with one stone. The students should learn to promote themselves better. In addition, however, every future marketer should have a sound knowledge of digital marketing. And how do I best learn this? Not by just stuffing myself with theory, but by applying it. The basic idea of the extension is relatively simple. In small groups, students should run a blog for a certain period of time and then experience for themselves how difficult it is nowadays to get likes, comments and interactions.

It will be an exciting pilot project, I’m sure. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated.