A visit to the Museum Fünf Kontinente

On November 30, 2020, I was already standing in front of the Museum Fünf Kontinente in Munich (https://www.museum-fuenf-kontinente.de), but that day I decided to go to the MUCA (Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art, https://www.muca.eu) and and discover a new favorite artist, Richard Hambleton. But this is another story, I’ll tell it at another time. What can you see at the Museum Five Continents?

“The Museum Fünf Kontinente, formerly known as the Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde, was founded in 1862 as the first ethnological museum in Germany. The collection of artefacts of everyday life, ritual objects and works of art which are preserved and continually expanded here reflect humanity’s cultural diversity. They build bridges from the past to the present day and open doors to other ways of life and viewpoints. The Museum offers access to the cultural riches of the earth’s peoples in a way which is unique with Munich’s broad range of museums.”

Source: https://www.museum-fuenf-kontinente.de/services/english-summary.html, Access 30.1.2022

In a nutshell: the museum lives up to its own claim. It is a very exciting foray through completely different cultures, religions and their everyday life. I was particularly enthusiastic about the puppets from Myanmar and the temple statues in the exhibition of the same name. Tip from my side: bring a lot of time, it’s worth it. Here are a few pictures from the exhibitions:

Stay tuned, until the next museum visit…

Stay tuned.

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