30 records in 30 days from 2 collections from one household.

30 records in 30 days. A Challenge

Normally I am very sensitive to such challenges, but about this nomination I was really happy. First, it has something to do with music and second, I can rummage through my musical past again. At the beginning I thought that this will be a relatively simple task. Go to the basement, briefly check the collection and present the most interesting pieces in the next 30 days. On Saturday – after the nomination – I disappeared into the basement and was only spotted again last night. Starved and close to dying of thirst. Was not so easy after all. Because some records I now simply find horrible, other records I once liked, but now I classify them under the category of irrelevant, musical blah blah blah.

It was interesting for me what I found again, because my records are since the move from Forchheim to Deggendorf (2000) in the basement. Last year in October I took 2 of my favorite pieces to a friend to digitize them with the help of his equipment. Of course they are also included. It was also interesting that I completely forgot about some artists over the years and when listening to them on iTunes (I don’t have a turntable anymore) I realized that they are still really good. So Apple will make some money again. Enough of the introduction. Tomorrow it starts with one of my oldest records.

Stay tuned.