the project

It all started in November 2015.

For an event called ” Tante Techno’s Tanztee” (Auntie Techno’s Tea Dance). I developed a story about a robot creature that strands on earth and discovers Techno. One more round of thinking and this robot creature became the figure of Tante Techno. An intelligent robot that develops a personality due to a software error and rebels against the rigid shackles of an emotionally cold machine universe trimmed purely for efficiency.

I found the idea incredibly sexy that this thing experiences adventures, develops feelings, seeks its own meaning and thus becomes human in a certain way. I wanted to tell musical machine fairy tales.

In the following years until 2020, however, I modified the basic idea very much, because aunt techno was an interesting basic concept, but too narrow in the long run.Rather, I was more and more interested in not only musically exploring the topic of machines from completely different perspectives, but also in developing different stories from it.

Why machines?The basic rhythmic structure (four on the floor), the hard and hammering sound of the techno tracks just yells for it. Furthermore, techno is also for me a reflection of our time, we are trapped in a corset of mechanistic rules, an inhuman striving for efficiency and have to subordinate ourselves to the hard beat of a technology obsessed civilization. On the other hand, we are yearning for great emotions. Exactly these two cornerstones can be perfectly combined in a techno track: over a hard, straight rhythm with a really beautiful, deep, voluminous bassline you put melodic elements.

Have fun.