Tante Techno eats Uncle House. The story

Tante techno is something like a machine. She is dedicated to work, works very hard, and could be characterized by being capable of intense, single-minded effort. Everything must be done “right,” and she has a clear understanding of what that means, from the build up of a #DJset to the right #transitions. Tante techno sticks to their convictions and opinions. Opposition (e.g. the wrong music) only serves to strengthen her principles.

We don’t know, whether uncle house knew that. He was enthused with the idea over a joint gig. He was grinning all the way and jumping up and down. Totally enthusiastic and completely rattled, uncle house sets off for tante techno, jumping and grinning. Of course, the cute guy is not aware of any danger and therefore he faces the machine with confidence to discuss the set for the #gig. While he jumps up and down in front of her and enthusiastically humming various tracks to her, tante techno gets more and more angry.

Uncle House, on the other hand, is convinced that all the rumours about Tante Techno are false, yet he thinks she’s cute. The warning signs become more and more obvious, the machine rumbles, vibrates and her eye stares threateningly at the poor clown. All of a sudden it gets very quiet and Uncle Haus starts a dynamic jump and that’s when it happens. Tante Techno snaps and Uncle House is gone. And what did you learn? Don’t underestimate techno DJs, they are not cute and they are not patient. 

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