Why it is not so easy to tell a story.

On May 29th last year, I announced pretty full-bodied that it was time to tell a story. At that point I thought that I would just sit down and start writing. However, I quickly realized that, although it was a simple statement, it was quite difficult to implement. Why? From the beginning I had the idea of a synthesis of the arts, the combination of pictures, texts and music. Gasherbrum should be the beginning, then the story and the visualization should follow. On the way there were many different – big and small – stumbling blocks that suddenly appeared:

  • Visualisation – that’s all well and good, but how are you going to do that? Do you have your own style? Or do you just copy all the others? Copying is boring!
  • Story – an exciting story is something different than a specialist article. The latter I can do quite well (www.christianzich.com), the former is a challenge.

Let’s make it short, since 29 May last year I have opened the door to a completely new world of art. The first expedition clearly went in the direction of texts. I dug up books about writing again, practiced, cursed, revised and started all over again. Until at some point the first usable 4 pages were on the table. In the meantime some more pages have been added and I am hopeful that there will be many more pages. After these first experiences I had a real desire for another expedition into the depths of modern art. The more I dealt with it, the closer I came to my own style. A year ago, I would never have dreamed how fascinating the study of modern art can be.

The more I dealt with all these topics, the clearer it became to me that you can’t break art over your knee and that it takes time to find your own style and develop something special on your own. And this brings us to a very exciting milestone in my professional life and my personal development: next week, on February 29, 2020, at the mixcon 2020 in Munich, I will be giving a talk on personal branding for DJs. Why milestone? For the first time I combine my artistic side with my marketing know-how and that will be a really cool experience.

From now on there is more footage on both blogs again, stay tuned.

Let’s play techno…

Lang lang ist es her. Beim durchstöbern meines Rechners habe ich noch eine alte Aufzeichnung eines Techno-Sets aus dem Café Holler gefunden. Letztes Jahr hatte ich einmal einen Durchhänger, so gegen Ende des Jahres. Zu der Zeit hatte ich irgendwie keine richtige Lust zum Auflegen. Aber 2020 hat auf jeden Fall schon mit einem ganz anderen Schwung begonnen.

Morgen lege ich wieder im Café Sorgenfrei auf, ich freue mich schon richtig. Vielleicht sehen wir uns morgen. Und als kleine Einstimmung dazu gibt es das eben erwähnte Techno-Set aus der Rumpelkiste. Viel Spaß beim anhören.

Long time ago. While browsing through my computer I found an old recording of a techno set from Café Holler. Last year I once had a sag at the end of the year. At that time I somehow didn’t really have the mood to DJ. But 2020 has definitely started with a completely different swing.

Tomorrow I’ll DJ at the Café Sorgenfrei again, I’m really looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow. And as a little warm-up there’s the above mentioned techno set from the rumble box. Enjoy listening.

It is Online! My first EP, Gasherbrum.

English version below the German Version.

Professor Dr. Christian Zich. Marketing Professor, DJ und Producer. Screenshot aus dem iTunes-Store, der erste Release, Gasherbrum.

Über meinen ersten Release

Heute Früh hatte ich ein ganz besonderes, ausgesprochen tolles Erlebnis. Mein erster Release erschien in den verschiedenen Onlinestores und Streamingplattformen. Für mich ist dies aber erst der Startpunkt, denn ich möchte eine Geschichte erzählen, in die das Album eingebettet ist. Sie handelt von einer Maschine, die ein Königreich übernimmt und die Einwohner mit subtilen Methoden versklavt. Insgesamt besteht die Geschichte aus 6 verschiedenen Kapiteln:

  • Prolog: die Ankunft der Maschine, erzählt durch die Hauptperson der Geschichte
  • Valley of Demons: die Maschine festigt die Grundlage ihrer Herrschaft und zwingt die Bevölkerung zu Höchstleistungen.
  • The Leader’s Task: Unsere Hauptperson bekommt eine Aufgabe, die sie unmöglich erfüllen bzw. überleben kann. Unsere Hauptperson soll auf den Gasherbrum hinaufsteigen.
  • The Beautiful Mountain: auf dem Weg zum Gasherbrum besinnt sich unsere Hauptperson und erkennt die Fehler der Maschine.
  • The Holy Egg: die Lösung des Problems ist nahe.
  • The Leader’s Fall: das Problem wird gelöst.

In den nächsten Wochen werde ich mich sukzessive mit dieser Geschichte beschäftigen. Wobei ich mir Zeit lasse, denn es soll ja eine gute Geschichte werden.

About my first Release

This morning I had a very special, extremely great moment. My first release appeared in the various online stores and streaming platforms. But for me this is just the starting point, because I want to tell a story in which the album is embedded. It’s about a machine that takes over a kingdom and enslaves its inhabitants with subtle methods. The story consists of 6 different chapters:

  • Prologue: the arrival of the machine, told by the main character of the story
  • Valley of Demons: the machine strengthens the basis of their reign and forces the population to peak performance.
  • The Leader’s Task: Our main character is given a task that she cannot perform and/or survive. Our main character has to climb the Gasherbrum.
  • The Beautiful Mountain: on the way to the Gasherbrum our main character reflects and recognizes the faults of the machine.
  • The Holy Egg: the solution of the problem is near.
  • The Leader’s Fall: the problem is solved.

In the next weeks I will deal successively with this story. Whereby I take my time, because it should be a good story.

Stay Tuned.
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The Beginning.

It’s me!

It’s time to take a new step.

If nothing goes wrong, my first release will be out on 13.5.2019: Gasherbrum. To the day exactly 6 years after I started my DJ career again. With growing enthusiasm I have worked my way into music theory, harmony, mixing know-how, arrangements, etc..

But that’s not all, I still don’t have to have a blog for my music. I want more. I want to embed my music in stories and visualize them. That’s why I need this blog. The ideas have been haunting my head for a long time, but now the time has come to tell the stories. What kind of stories? Let yourself be surprised. Stay tuned.

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