30 records in 30 days from 2 collections from one household, day 7: Alannah Myles, the debut album.

A Challenge: 30 Platten in 30 Tagen/30 records in 30 days, Allanah Miles, Debut Album

30 records in 30 days goes into the seventh round, with velvetish kisses and lots of love.

Here comes my musical coming out, part 4: Alannah Myles. Yes, every time when I look at this record, I am suprised that I like something like this. I probably bought the debut album in 1990 at the same time as I got my new stereo system (big amp, big speakers, crystal clear sound, mighty boom). I had my first decent apartment in Giesing and just about nine months working behind me.

My apartment heated up pretty quickly due to the large window areas and quickly became a 1.5-room-sauna in the summer. The rocking sound was a perfect match, embodying a vinyl-pressed, shimmering, leaden heat for me.

Black Velvet in particular reminds me of the days I spent sitting on my balcony, soaking wet, enjoying life at its best. Lazy and happy. My time at the university was over. I had already started to forget about my diploma thesis, exams and all the other stuff from my studies, and the doctoral thesis was still far away.

It was a wonderful time and the artist’s sound has been inseparably linked to the mood I just described. Funnily enough, I remembered this only last year during the summer, which led to the re-procurement of this debut album as a digital download relatively quickly.

Stay tuned