30 records in 30 days from 2 collections from one household, day 4: 4 by Foreigner

30 Tage, 30 Platten / 30 days, 30 vinyls, Tag 4: Foreigner 4

30 records in 30 days enters its fourth round, with heroes who urgently want to meet a woman in black.

Here comes my musical coming out, part 1. Yes, I have heard something like that once and I connect quite an exciting story with this LP. There are 2 real firecrackers on it (Juke Box Hero, Urgent), which I have heard together with my best friend at that time up and down. By chance we got shortly after it’s release into conversation with 2 classmates and to our surprise they were also Foreigner fans and loved these two tracks very much. A few hours later we had the idea to go to Munich together to see the group live. To our surprise we got tickets and on top of that a place to stay with acquaintances.

The concert was a great success and we partied long into the night. Therefore next day we were not at our best. But after one of us reminded the rest that we will write an art-exam in the late afternoon, the tiredness was blown away. We studied on the way back from Munich to the Allgäu, and we arrived in Füssen 10 minutes before class started, a bit stressed. I’ll never forget the moments when we threw the characteristics of different architectural styles at each other and the panic gradually increased during the drive home.

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