30 records in 30 days from 2 collections from one household, day 3: Incantations by Mike Oldfield

30 Tage, 30 Platten / 30 days, 30 vinyls day 3: Mike Oldfield, Incantations

30 records in 30 days goes into the second round, this time with düdeldideldü, ping, dum, dum and düdeldideldü again.

Please do not misunderstand, this introduction is not meant negatively. I just wanted to summarize what is the essence of the entire LP. The double album is characterized by medieval-like melodies, richly varied instrumentation and a complex arrangement. Overwhelming.

The 4th studio album of musician Mike Oldfield belongs to my category ” records for meditation and contemplation “. A record for the quiet moments, as a complement to a good book or simply as a trigger to think and ponder. Later I bought Tubular Bells and Ommadawn. And still Mike Oldfield is for me the ideal musical complement for the quiet moments of life.

Stay tuned