30 records in 30 days from 2 collections from one household, day 27: Herbert von Karajan, Ravel/Bolero.

A Challenge: 30 Platten in 30 Tagen / 30 records in 30 days Herbert von Karajan, Bolero

30 records in 30 days goes into the 27th round: Honni soit qui mal y pense.

Another musical hook. This is the only classical LP I bought when I was young. I got into classical music quite early and still found some inherited pieces in my record collection. Probably not in great condition. I would have bought more classical albums for sure, but in the beginning the pocket money wasn’t enough, later I bought the CDs. Back to the Bolero. There’s not much to say, just great. Almost structured like a modern piece of music. A drum loop and then successively all the other instruments fade in. Have a nice Sunday.

Ravel, Bolero: https://youtu.be/r30D3SW4OVw

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