30 records in 30 days from 2 collections from one household, day 13: Alien Sex Fiend, Acid Bath.

30 Platten in 30 Tagen / 30 records in 30 days. Alien Sex Fiend, Acid Bath

30 records in 30 days goes into the thirteenth round. A trip to the moon or goodbye and smoke your bones?

From the beginning ASF was a pretty weird band with a distinct morbid humor. But maybe they were just creative? Or simply crazy? In any case, they combined several different worlds: Punk, experimental electronic music styles, visual art (the album covers were usually designed by Nik Fiend himself) and a bizarre stage performance. And that’s exactly what impressed me from the beginning. The band was just so completely different and so creative-surreal, so anti-mainstream and the music so good, for me it is a milestone in music history, almost artistic avant-garde.

A commercial success on a broad scale was denied to them from the beginning, they were simply too extreme, too eccentric and also too destructive. How? Here is a typical example from the track “breakdown and cry”: “Breakdown is on it’s way. Breakdown in the month of May. Breakdown and cry, lay down and die. Goodbye, goodbye.” Not everyone’s sense of humor, but whatever. Perhaps it is not humor, perhaps it is a hidden message? A misunderstood poem?

I still celebrate ASF and have therefore successively acquired some CDs and many electronic downloads.

Stay tuned