Musical milestones: Human League – Reproduction

My music stories: Human League – Reproduction

Today we come to another important milestone in my musical universe, the debut album “Reproduction” by the British band Human League. Knows today almost only the “older guys”. The band is assigned to completely different genres: starting with synthie-pop, over electropop up to post-punk. An impressive variety, I personally would also describe them as one of the great-grandfathers of electronic dance music. At least that is what it was for me.

I discovered the record in 1979 in what was then the largest record shop in Munich (a branch of the WOM World of Music; was closed a long time ago). I was on a school trip and after the usual cultural programme we were allowed to go shopping in the city centre as usual. I was basically drawn to the above mentioned record shop, because the offer in my hometown Füssen was limited. If you wanted to order something, it took at least 3-4 weeks and on top of that the records cost a lot of money.

Maybe that’s why I remember the class trip and the purchase of this album so well, because this LP was one of the most important musical milestones for me. And the milestones had to be tracked down laboriously, not in Füssen, but in the biiiiiiig Munich. Today I visit iTunes or Amazon Music, put a whole album or just single tracks into the shopping basket, pay the whole thing and a few seconds later it’s on my computer. This is not a special experience, unlike back then.

On the LP you can find the danceable hits “Blind Youth” and “Empire State Human” next to more experimental tracks. In the first two of them there are already two important elements of modern dance music: sparse synthesizer sequences, a monotonous rhythm. Simply ingenious.

Up to this point, synthesizer-based music was not really connected with danceable music for me. Rather something like Klaus Schulze and Pink Floyd. Danceable back then was actually only the disco music. And that was nothing for the cool guys. Now I stand by it, but that is another story.

I linked to “Empire State Human”, especially because of the nice presentation. Have fun listening to it.

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Errors, Business and other Experiments

error 262 Logo
error262, what else?

Dear friends and followers,

after weeks of restructuring, planning, trying out and testing I now finally separate my two blogs thematically. On you will find in the future mainly my business topics: Marketing 4.0, Personal Branding and maybe one or the other story about the THD. On on the other hand, my artistic self may express itself, the main topics are music, art and a few stories around the two topics just mentioned.

In the course of this rebuilding I also separated some social media accounts thematically, on Facebook I revived my old, for years closed down fan page and reserved a new fan page for my artistic me. Also on Instagram there will be 2 accounts in the future. Furthermore I discovered completely new platforms, like Medium, Torial, Bloglovin and Reddit. It only causes effort in setting up and at the end of the summer my blogs might be a bit more known, I have produced audio-visual internet pollution again and have a few more karma points.

With all this tinkering I am pursuing another goal. In the winter term I will offer for the first time a thematic extension of my VHB course “Djing, Skill Management and the Secrets of Personal Branding”. With this offer I would like to kill 2 different birds with one stone. The students should learn to promote themselves better. In addition, however, every future marketer should have a sound knowledge of digital marketing. And how do I best learn this? Not by just stuffing myself with theory, but by applying it. The basic idea of the extension is relatively simple. In small groups, students should run a blog for a certain period of time and then experience for themselves how difficult it is nowadays to get likes, comments and interactions.

It will be an exciting pilot project, I’m sure. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated.

Timewind by Klaus Schulze

Pink Floyd (last story) helped me to enter the electronic music world, but the first real milestone was the LP Timewind by Klaus Schulze.

I bought the record in a freaky store in my hometown Füssen. There you found – for small-town conditions – an extremely varied, modern and mostly alternative assortment: a lot of reggae, a lot of electronics, hard rock, etc. The store combined a dusty pharmacy flair with the aura of a drug den, but you could listen to records for hours without being looked at crooked. Here the musical dreams of a music-loving 16-year-old were stored. A complete alternative to the biggest radio shop on the square, there were the Oberkrainer Musicians, Cindy and Bert, James Last, Heino and other monstrosities from the Schlager or folk music corner. In addition you were looked at crooked if you listened to a record for more than 5 minutes. So the shopping was not really fun.

One day in this shop I discovered the Timewind by Klaus Schulze and immediately fell in love with this record. At that time it was very expensive for me (20 DMark with 100 DM pocket money). But the LP was worth it, a window into a new music universe. To appreciate the tracks, I usually looked for a quiet place and enjoyed the spherical sounds to the full. Sometimes I also fell asleep during this process. Either way I have rested after enjoying the record.

Even today – in our hectic, fast-moving times – a wonderful musical resting place and a huge contrast to the Spotify consumption environment (just listen for a minute). Little by little, two other records by the artist were added, the Black Dance and the Body Love. But to the latter there is a nice extra story. But this one will be available soon.

Personal favourites in the work of the artist do not really exist. But because the Timewind was my entrance into the world of Klaus Schulze, I’ll play it briefly. Have fun.

Stay tuned.

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Art is a piece of shit?

sheela gowda, where cows walk.

On 20.06 this year I had again an art experience of a very special kind. An exhibition of the Indian artist Sheela Gowda in the Lenbachhaus. Right in the entrance area the artwork “WHERE COWS WALK” was hanging:

“The concept of using cow dung for a new work commissioned by Lenbachhaus was a deliberate one.“

Source: Lehnbachhaus (Editor): Sheela Gowda. It .. Matters, München 2020.

„The idea was to lay down six jute “canvases” on the floor of a cowshed so that the cows would drop dung on them as they ate and wandered around. The cows walking over this surface would then imprint their hoofs on their own dung creating an organic landscape in this “collaboration”. The jute canvases were then dried over a period of time. The result, though it could not be exact to the execution method, are tapestries that highlight the surface of the mixture ofdung and hay, interspersed with faint markings of cow hoofs.“

Source: Lehnbachhaus (Editor): Sheela Gowda. It .. Matters, München 2020.

What a brilliant idea. Seriously. Maybe a few guys might wrinkle their nose, perhaps thinking “I could have done that.” Or, alternatively, “So can my kids. It’s not art.” My response would be: “You didn’t do it because you didn’t have the idea.” And I would have swallowed the word „ignorant“. What fascinates me personally about modern art is the enormous variety of ideas, whether they’re large areas of color, abstract geometric shapes or simply potato sacks with cow shit. Back to “How Cows walk”. I also find the philosophy behind the creation really interesting:

„As a medium used by Sheela Gowda in response to the emerging political scene in the 1990s, cow dung has become almost an imperative in 2020 with lynching and communal vio-lence becoming the norm through cow vigilantism enabled through tacit political patronage in India.“

Source: Lehnbachhaus (Editor): Sheela Gowda. It .. Matters, München 2020.

Have a look for yourself, the exhibition is really very interesting. Stay tuned.

More about visual arts…

visual arts – my blog’s new chapter

Hey – weird creatures or machine meets crab #1.

What is art? More than 30,000 years ago, our ancestors painted hunting scenes on the walls of their caves, giving free rein to their creativity. In the course of the different art epochs, beginning with ancient Egyptian art up to modern abstract art, the artists of their own epoch always put a certain stamp on their works, their own view of reality. In ancient Egypt people were painted larger or smaller according to their social representation, the old masters painted angels and legendary figures, in modern art there are many interesting levels of abstraction. Very often, you no longer recognize the objects behind the color areas and installations.

I am now quite cheeky now, although I am neither an old master nor a modern artist, the freedom to visually represent my form of reality in combination with the messages that are hidden in my tracks.

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music stories – pink floyd

It was Pink Floyd. Thousands of years ago the group ignited my enthusiasm for electronic music. Anyway, I can’t remember having been involved with this style of music before.

What happened musically before is now – even with enough distance – simply embarrassing. When I sat in front of the TV and recorded the hits from Ilia Richter’s show “Disco” with my cassette recorder. With the microphone, in particularly poor quality. Especially annoying were the disturbances by my siblings, who often burst into the recording noisily. Or my parents, who talked to each other. Once again in vain, once again waiting for the next chance. Today hardly more conceivable.

It’s good that these musical excursions into Ilia Richter’s universe have long been a thing of the past. Nevertheless, like zombies, one-hit-wonders from that time appear again and again, stretch out their claws and try to pull me under their spell. No chance. You captured my 14-year-old me, now you can’t do it anymore.

Back to electronic music. I believe that the first conscious contact with the genre was the music film “Pink Floyd in Pompeii”. It inspired me not only for the band, but for the whole music genre. The atmosphere in this film is fascinating, the ruins of Pompeii in the background, the band in front of it. Wow, after this film I knew: this will be my music.

My declared favourite was and is the track “One of these days”. At the beginning the noise, then the bass. In between again and again the synthesizer chords and the hihats. Then in the middle, the guitar, the break with the key phrase “One of these days, I will cut you into little pieces.” And then into the finale with the guitar solo. BAMM. A first and great milestone in the direction of electronic music in general. Have fun listening to it.

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Music Stories, a new section in my blog

my music, my stories, my music milestones – a journey through several decades of enthusiasm for music

A few weeks ago – triggered by a Facebook group – I decided to start a little ramble through almost five decades of my own music history. First and foremost I want to write about songs that have inspired me. Sometimes there’s a story behind them.

As the years go by, one or the other detail might disappear, but the really important milestones usually will be remembered vivid and colorful.

When I think back, my love for electronic music is one of the few constants in my own musical universe over the decades.It began at the age of 13 or 14 – I don’t remember exactly – with a music film and does not end with the release of my first EP in 2019. No, the story continues…

And that’s the end for today. I would be happy if you would like to accompany me on my foray. By the way, what does this foray have to do with our dogin the picture? I’m almost as relaxed as she is.

Stay tuned.

Welcome to error262

error262 logo


  • An Error262 will appear and crash all current cognitive activities completely. Your brain stutters frequently showing Error 262 whilst running the daily activities.
  • Your cognitive processes are running slowly, processing visual and/or acoustic input is sluggish.
  • Your brain will occasionally ‘freeze’ for a period of time. Probably you’ ve been staring emptily into space. error262 can also cause memory gaps. You might not remember what you did in the last hour.
  • Very often response times to inquiries from your surroundings will lag.

Error 262 can occur when your mental integity becomes corrupted and you urgently need relaxation. Over the time, you may experience an icreasing number of crashes and freezes. There can be numerous causes of this error:

  • workload too high
  • wrong job
  • stupid, self-indulgent bosses
  • identification with the organization you’re working for. (You’ll be always betrayed by the representatives of the organization. Why? Because they are what they are. And your goals might be different from your bosses’ goals.)
  • Inefficient organization, unnecessary or redundant meetings, nerving colleagues, stupid routines/jobs and so on…


Career, identification with an organization, self-realization through work? Give it a shit! Relax, party, dance, different realities. This is the message behind error262! A blog, a collection of stories, a few DJ sets, a little bit about music. I hope you will enjoy it. If not, give it a shit!

Stay tuned. More…